Our lives are all busy but there should always be time for hobbies to feed the soul. 

This site is dedicated to those of us who indulge in more than a few.

I live in the beautiful Northwest, and love to get out and explore.  It is a backgroud perfect for hiking, snowshoeing and photography.

I love the ocean.  Oregon beaches are beautiful wide open spaces.  To complement strolling on the beach, I collect rocks.  Seems a shame to not bring out the inner beauty of stones so I got into rock tumbling.  The rock polishing leads into jewelry and other creations.

Oh and gardening.  Which leads into flower drying and pressing.

And fabric, I just love fabric.  So to use up that stash I sew and make embroidery projects.

Lastly, dogs steal my heart.  Especially golden retrievers.  So we foster dogs for Golden Bond Rescue.

Oh yeah and in my spare time I work as a business system analyst working with a team to develop web applications.